Sometimes, tech is needlessly complicated

How we work

We're all about understanding your goals, breaking them down, and offering budget-friendly, tailored solutions. Our preference is a friendly, collaborative approach.

A man and a woman jumping over a pile of Internet-related technology giving each other a high-five.

We like to begin with a chat about what you're trying to achieve, or what you'd like to see happen. Once the problem is well understood we can begin asking questions about how to meet your goals.

A typical project starts like this

  1. Initial contact - a client reaches out to us with a question about a project.
  2. Onboarding - We ask for details about the client's current situation. What services do they use today?
  3. Review - Meet to discuss project goals, and review current situation together.
  4. Proposal - With enough detail we can create a recommendation tailored to your goals.
  5. Contract - The proposal is refined and agreed to, and work begins as soon as possible.

How we help

Simplehack Services

We have ~20 years experience designing and building software for the Web. Here is an overview of what Simplehack offers. Please, reach out if you're looking for something that isn't on this list.

Technical consulting
Looking for a way forward on a technical problem or idea? Have a question about your website, or the software you use or want to use?
Software development
Need something custom inside of your existing application or website? Have data that needs to be accessible?
Website and search optimization (SEO)
Website broken, or not working as expected? Concerned your website isn't optimized for search or appears incorrectly in search?
Web design and application design
Looking for a new website, or a refreshed design of an existing site? Need something added to your site? We can help.
Review expenses
Review existing tech expenses and make recommendations on how to consolidate and save.
Helping with Goals / Marketing
Set goals, and come up with an action plan to measure and achieve them.
Instructional / Coaching
Private tutoring for individuals / and small teams.
Short-term contracting
We hop on your team to help with short-term projects