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About Simplehack

Simplehack is a software and Web consultancy based in Downtown Modesto, CA.

“Ben understood my needs and created a website and marketing plan that quickly ranked #2 on Google, significantly improving my SEO and saving me money. Their help allowed me to focus more on my business, saving both time and money.”

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Sarina Schieferstein

Our goal is to help people and businesses make good choices when it comes to web and software related decisions.

  • People run the small businesses in our community, and our community is stronger when people are empowered.
  • Making good technology choices affects whether a business thrives in today's market. And thriving businesses can invest locally.
  • Our community grows stronger as it becomes more self-reliant. Investing in each other is smart business.

By concentrating on our local community, we aim to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of those around us.

About the team

Simplehack was founded by Modesto's own Ben Long. Ben brings a wealth of experience from his nine-year tenure at Twitter, where he played pivotal roles as an engineer and leader, particularly in the development of Twitter's Profile and various media-related products. His career, rich in diverse experiences, includes significant contributions to notable startups and major internet companies. This journey includes stints at Jumpcut (which was later acquired by Yahoo), Yahoo itself, and SnappyTV, which eventually became a part of Twitter. At these companies, Ben honed his skills in client-side technology, media, and branding.

In 2020, seeking a closer connection with his roots, Ben moved back to Modesto with his family. This decision was partly influenced by the challenges and opportunities of working from home with children during the pandemic. While in Modesto, Ben continued his work with Twitter remotely. However, in November 2022, he decided to take a sabbatical. This period was a time of personal exploration and family bonding, as Ben delved into various interests ranging from brewing kombucha to gardening. It was also during this time that he lent his expertise to friends and acquaintances, helping them with their website needs. Through these experiences, Ben gained valuable insights into the common issue of people overpaying for internet services they neither need nor use. These insights and experiences led to Ben founding Simplehack in Dec 2023.